I’m on summer hols in Noosa and the National Park has a great beach for nude sun; Alexandria bay. Long, surf and remote, it has been Queensland’s “unofficial” nude beach for 70 years. In recent years however, path upgrades have made it more accessible and the 20-30min hilly walk has reduced it to basically a concrete footpath. Police have raided the beach in recent years handing out fines to men because our genitalia is illegal, whereas women cannot be charged under that law. So, between clothed walkers and regular police patrols, the magic of A-Bay is fast disappearing. The die-hard nudists are still there. One big guy marches the full kilometre length of the beach with nothing but a hat and a smile. He takes a towel which he wraps when needed, but I salute you my brother because you are claiming the full beach for us nude swimmers. Such a shame that without legal designation the beach will become just another stretch of sand. A few years ago there were warm, sunbathed arses the length and breadth and brown peckers and toasted pussy aplenty enjoying the fresh air but a growing and frenetic set of extra curricular activity in the sand dunes and bush tracks behind caused complaints. Hence the police crack-down. Ironically the Police have indiscriminately charged any free willy in sight including an 80 year old bloke quietly enjoying time with his wife. Now respectable nudists don’t go there. Only dirty old pervs like me attend. It’s had the ironic effect of increasing the sleeze quotient. I’m all for a wank at the beach and I love a warm sun-kissed cock like the next bloke but a bit of restraint could have kept the place functional for all to enjoy the sun and surf without calling in the Rozzers. Anyway, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of my hols (mostly) with my pants if that is possible – but it’s hard…. Bob

3 thoughts on “Queensland’s “Unofficial” Nudist Beach

  1. Just an update. Two glorious spring days at A-Bay in Queens-land with my bare arsed sunny side up. Since the path over the head-land from where-the-Sun-don’t-shine Beach was upgraded by the National Park, the textiles are streaming into our nude beach. Many of the old timers have taken to the dunes for modesty’s sake amid a constant stream of ladies walking dogs and walking clubs on a day out. I hope they got plenty to talk about when they got home to their book-clubs. Either way, as the spring turns to summer, I am hoping enough of us nudies turn out to reclaim the beach. Apparently the over enthusiastic Police Cunts-table who instigated the beach raids three years ago, has been moved to different duties guarding the prison showers way out west in the back of bum-fuck two days drive from civilisation because it was pointed out that while writing the infringement notices he seemed to overly enjoy glancing down at the dick – the sort of bloke who likes to look you in the one-eye, rather than the two in your head. So that’s the end of that Cunts-table. Butt – it has taken a savage toll on the number of nudies who want to cumm down to A-Bay to toast their nutts and roast their arse. Far fewer high-jinks in the dunes now and the random beach sex has been replaced by mindful mind-fucks. Butt, not too long and the dirty old pervs like me will be back and we will reclaim our perfect nude beach. It’s too glorious to let go – so we all need to keep out hands on in so to speak…

  2. The law is dumb. Nude isn’t lewd, and literally every country boy ever has bathed outdoors, nude. (And almost always males.)

  3. Sydney nude beaches going the same way, love getting my cock hard and jerk in public, however so many straights now

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