For me, the Sacred Masculinity is divided into two aspects, the physical and the mental. Masculinity arises when the two match each other perfectly -something that is essentially unattainable. The two aspects are knotted together, like Yin and Yang of sorts. The Ancient Greek had a similar world view, where a perfect (male) body represented a perfect mind or intellect.

The Physical Aspect:

In a world ruled by gravity, it’s not strange that physical strength is the most revered trait of all. A man who defies gravity has the most developed physique that testosterone can build. Hard, bulging muscles in a constant interplay of flexing and relaxing to always meet the challenges of this world, to always keep him standing tall and upright against the storm. His body has ample body hair, and thick beard growth to withstand the elements. His armpits and groin excrete a volatile concoction of musk and other phermones to assert his presence. The furrows on his brow go deep, framing a gaze of burning passion and determination. His big balls literally produce Greatness; the testosterone that has built his perfect body, and his Seed. With an massive, vascular cock he spreads all that Greatness with awesome force. A fountain from which can be drawn the white, pearly nectar of the gods. Either physically or metaforically, all men suckle his cock, craving his gift. The Ambrosia of Olympus, the everflowing Honeymead av Valhalla. Pure potential, transmuted into physical substance. The kind of nourishment a mother’s teet can never provide.

The Mental Aspect:

The mental side of masculinity is the ever burning desire, and presence. The passion that burns like a tall red flame. The urge to prevail, and conquer without so much as moving a muscle. This presence… all men who stand before him love him. Reassured by him, they seek his guidance and leadership because it gives their lives meaning and purpose. He rules them with immense kindness, patience, and with impeccable judgment. He is the protector, the idol who all good men strive to impress and mimic. He has the ability to literally stare down his adversaries, and make them cower before him, and then they lay down their arms and follow him. His unyielding will is like a wild beast that women seek to tame and break in, yet will never succeed.

He is a god.


3 thoughts on “Sacred Masculinity

  1. Thanks to Ben and the whole of this site for the positive reminder of the beauty, power and goodness of being men, not often heard these days in our society. Yes, men are the god that I worship with wonder.

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    1. I agree Mike. I love that big cock of yours. Love to suck a nice load from it. I’m 70, still get really hard and live to suck a nice, hard cock and swallow. I prefer older men. Seeing guys our age with nice, hard cocks is a major turn on for me. I’ve even sucked guys with beautiful cocks who never got hard yet still fedme a nice load. I enjoy Ha-Penis too. Thanks for the comments. Don

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