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Your body contains seven special energy centres, usually called “chakras” in tantric literature. Start your session with a gentle massage of each zone. Start at your perineum. Then move along to the base of your penis. Then move along to the area opposite your naval. The next region is the heart and cardiac region, find a point between your nipples. Then the base of the throat, is followed by the point between the eyebrows. Finish with your skull. Go up and down with your hands several times. With your right hand make a rotation clock wise movements in 5-7 inch distance from the body for each area. Repeat the same thing with your left hand.

Equalize your body : Rub your hands simultaneously up and down both sides of your body.Begin with very slow gentle movements, gradually building up to really intense rubbing , as if you were trying to warm up your body.

Cock Stimulation : With 2 fingers of each  hand work your cock. Use small deep circular motions, but do not wank. You can do that at the end of your massage-session..

“Ur” ears : With both of your hands massage both ears with small circular motions at the beginning finishing with your hands covering each ear and press very tightly for 1 minute.

Work with scull :Tense the fingertips of both hands discover all the bones of scull. Gently tap around eyes, massage temples and bridge of nose with two fingers, massage the jaw in strong circular motions. With fingertips easily tap on all bones of scull. Smooth skin around the face.

Work with hands and arms : Work with bones of fingers. Squeeze every bone and joint and every joint 7 times with two fingers. Work on every finger in prescribed above order. After fingers are done, tap around fingernails with a nail of your index finger. Than scratch palms gently with your nails up and down. Press around nails in the same order you did the fingers, use your nail. Tap on bins of hand. Start to work on an arm. Tap on bones and the joins of the arm, feel the bones with your fingers. Work on muscles of the arm and shoulder. Do another hand and arm on the same manner.

Work with chest, back and stomach : Work on shoulder bones top and feel collar-bone (clavicle ). Tap on ribs, chest. Tap with both hands middle of the chest – where the thymus is. Work up the muscles of the chest. With your fist tap on the spine up and down as far as you can reach. Tap on ribs from the back. Soft, gentle pressing your stomach, feeling intestines inside.

Work with legs and feet : With your fist press against hip joint, tap on it and rotate. With rib of palm, bang on thigh muscles and bone; massage, shake, pet till the muscles are relaxed. Feel knee cap with your fingers, tap on it and on the bone of shin up and down; do a light muscle work. Rub foot gently, feeling all the toes bones and bones from upper side of the foot. Press on nails toes, pull gently. Tap on it. Repeat the same pattern with the other leg and foot.

Equalize the energy flow again : Use both of your hands, feel the energy around your body, move your hands up and down.

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  1. Magnificent, just spent a few tantric hours with that New technique and Whoah Thats NICE…and Bonus, Seb, Your choice of Gentleman for the title Pic reminds me of an old friend of mine from years ago… Damn he was Haaawt. Thanks again Seb 🙂

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