well let me see the best cock massage I’d ever had has to be when I first met up with an ex army sergeant major called RON, Who had the hardest body and big strong hands which he used to great effect, Oh yea he had a good size cock as well, But his technique was to use some lube(liquid silk) on his hands take me from behind with one hand on my cock head with my foreskin pulled backed, And his other hand at the entrance of my arse with two or three fingers Inserted, and while he massaged my cock head he would massage my prostrate at the same time, But he wouldn’t make me come right away but when he was ready to, He had a little bit of a naughty streak in him, But when I did finally EXPLODE he would make me scream and come so much I felt totally knacked until the next time, unfortunately ron is no longer in the land of the living, So if there are anymore ex army sergeant majors out there who now how to do it like RON I would love to hear from you, Isn’t army life grand if you get taught how to make your fellow man obtain such a great orgasm? All the best.


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  1. I will be 70 within 9 months I get a good erection every time I go to the bathhouse where I live. Mid week is the best the men are more plentiful, I met a latino guy he was short but he had a thick cock with foreskin, and was surprised on my age and how good looking I look and how big and thick my cock was.he told me I hope I look that way when I am
    70.and wow….

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