Have you got the bollox to go out in public wearing only a pair of very short shorts. Go, on. I fucking dare you!

(Xperiment 20)

I wear short shorts. I think if you are going to wear long shorts you might as well wear pants. I do not think they make you gay or look gay. I know many men who would wear short shorts, but don’t because they are worried others especially men will ridicule them and call them names, or make fun of them. I think should go back to wearing short shorts and if you want to wear then wear them. If all the men who like wearing short shorts went back to wearing them and not worry about what people say, short shots for men would become normal again and become the fashion again and people would stop calling it abnormal for a man to wear short shorts. I live in New York State in The United

Chiquita Ross

I wear them myself and have only ever had complements. Wearing long shorts looks and feels ridiculous to me now. I run regularly so have pretty toned legs, and want freedom of movement when I run and want the benefit of as little material as possible when it’s warm. I don’t think there’s anything ‘gay’ about it, (not that I care), unless you wear shiny gold hot pants or something.

Alex D

7 thoughts on “(Xperiment 20) Short Shorts

  1. I like shorts that are short, not too short. Halfway down my thigh is good. If I get hard while cruising, my cock is quite visible and knowing that gets me even more aroused.

  2. All men should be walking around with the real possibility of their cock and or balls falling out of their shorts

      1. Thanks, Mr. Cox. Spreding cock around to everyone. I find much sex organ inspiration on your sie. Keeps my penis semi chubby all the time

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