Erections around other men are liberating. Crack a woody in the gym changing room and they all hide behind their towels. But at a big city gym near me, I have found that in the communal showers there are usually a few playing with themselves and when we get stiffies all proudly turn and face outward with the water on our backs and running down our soap glistening chests – all pointing out our stuff dicks on parade showing each other. Smiles all round. Acknowledging and admiring each other’s achievement. Like it takes a great talent to get a hard-on. Something so free about that communal arousal.

Then suddenly as someone is heard to round the corner into the communal shower everyone quickly turns to face the wall discretely hiding our manhood. Then only when it seems he too is there for the same do we gingerly turn round and show off again. Lovely. Hard gym bodies, freshly pumped, vital, manly. All ages and sizes, hairy and smooth, different colours all united in our pride for showing off our chubbies. One by one some cumm, some leave, some even handle each other for a bit. Then, out by the lockers, there’s a freedom getting changed with no shame as we pull on our street clothes and the magick moment passes, but is not forgotten. Chat a bit about the weather or politics or sport, whatever. Then cheers mate. Have a great day. Cheers to you also dude. Very manly. Something has changed. A brotherhood of men who shared something. We leave uplifted.

6 thoughts on “Shower Showers

  1. Here in Florida at the gym I go to, the shower is open. I always get hard when other men are in there. I never hide it, often stroking myself as they watch. Have gotten a few guys that way

  2. At my gym the guys go into shower stalls, close the curtain and take off their underwear or shorts. When they’re finished showering they reach out and grab clean underwear and put them on before opening their shower curtain. Getting a glance at a dick is more rare than common. When I was a kid the older guys would stand around naked talking, shaving or casually getting dressed

    1. Yeah. I just don’t get those young ones. It’s not like we are looking at their dicks. But we do want to see their manliness.

      The open showers form a corridor behind stalls where what you describe takes place. Pussies who change behind towels, too afraid of men use the stalls. Real men unashamed your be men use the open showers.

      Beyond the stalls is a sauna and plunge pool. Older men are usually naked there but many ( not all by any means) of the younger generation wear trunks. What is totally disgusting are the ones who wear their sweaty undies in the sauna. Ewww.

      There is deffs a generational shift. Where men once regularly thought nothing of being naked together has shifted to men being ashamed of their own nakedness with other men. What are they hiding? Their true selves I think…

      1. Yeah Bob, beautiful topic and close to my heart as you prob guess…… the scene of proud manliness, “yeah I’m hard”, is one I hold close. I think it’s about respecting differences as you mentioned, but also different penises, and the end of curiosity. How many of those cubicle pussies have ever seen a penis, let alone a hard one? Don’t tell me they have looked at porn because it’s so easy these days….. those are freak cocks (often, not always!) but have likely psyched out these poor pussies, hiding their penises for life. It is sad in my opinion, that disgusting level of modesty.
        Men showering together is an honestly good excuse to be naked together, due to sport, military or other excuses you might have. At that time getting hard together is not about being homos, it’s about guys having hardons and respecting and admiring or even joining in with a happy display, and we all love that! And then you’re right, small talk cumpletely naked is easy and friendly, saying goodbye as you meet your wife of boyfriend waiting outside the changing rooms as you depart. “Who was that?” Just a mate……….
        Thanks Bob for raising this, I want to know what we do to combat this prudishness.

      2. I have seen nudity in gym or pool showers and lockers, but never any interaction thst acknowledges that, nor any indication of arousal. I just make myself as inconspicuous as possible as it seems the polite thing to do.

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