slow sensual male massage

Hello –  I have read your information on your site and wonder to what lengths I can expect satisfaction.  I seek a slow sensual massage and in the course of this massgae the complete penetration and manipulation of my arse. This is to entail complete entry and continuos motion to complete a “fist fuck” that will blow my senses/brains out with satisfaction, elation and release, that will make me a surging, weak mass of flesh ! With proper manipulation and me on my knees – I know that you can “literally” push the pre-cum out of my cock long before I ever actually come. I know this can be done – but it has only happened once in my life and I seek such an experience again.  Not just that event, but that was a major high point in the process – to watch the cum being pushed out by your hand manipulations and without the touch of mine or anyones hands. You sound like that would surely be one of your capabilities, and I would desire such attentions . Please relay to me what I might expect – in all aspects and also, the basic details and information so that this might be achieved – as soon as possible! With much Anticipation and Thanks – Kris


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