Some Men Have a Small Dick, Get Over It

Alright, albright, I’m not going to lie any more. I’m putin it out der, I have a small penis. So what. I’ve had a girlfriend for a long time. Who gives a shit. I fucking don’t. As Elton John said to Putin, Some Men Have a Small dick Get Over It! 

Often men have different attributes! One guy might have a small cock but a very muscular body. Another might be really hairy with a hairy back. There is a market for everyone, I think! Don’t be afraid if your penis is smaller than average. I bet you guys get quite big when erect and then your penis becomes the same size as all the other guys anyway! Hugs to all you guys! I love you no matter what size your cock is! Anon

3 thoughts on “Some Men Have a Small Dick, Get Over It

  1. I love small dicks. I prefer them all the time. Small like clitoral. They are more sensitive. I confess I love small dicks.

  2. I have a small dick – due to having had prostate cancer surgery. It’s less and 1″ flacid and 3.5 erect. I’m not upset about it now. However, I had enjoyed a good sex life, when people ask “how big are you” I’m honest about it. So in 8 years, I have never had sex.

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