A contributor to a discussion group for masturbating catholic priests wrote the following that seems to show beautifully how masturbation can be turned into a truly spiritual Catholic experience. As a catholic priest for years, integrating my spirituality and my sexuality has definitely been a process. Just turning down the volume on the shame voices from growing up Belfast, in that Bible Belt, has taken me years. Now, the volume is almost off, Yea! One of the key orthodox Catholic beliefs we have is that God is omnipresent. In other words, there is no place where God is not! If that is true, where is God when humans have sex? Up in the corner of the room, as far away as possible, looking the other way? Of course not. God is in the heave, in the licking, sucking and pleasuring ourselves and others. It’s not that God is not there. It’s that for the last 1500 years or so, we Christians have been so split off from our bodies, we haven’t wanted God to be there Thanks to the Platonic education Saul/Paul received, (the spirit is good, holy, while the body is bad,corrupted, etc,) we have lots of references in his epistles that make it clear he was uncomfortable saying anything good about the human body, much less sex!  Personally I enjoy pleasuring other men. Over the years, I became comfortable knowing God is as fully present with me in sex as when I’m preaching or serving Communion. What I have found most fulfilling in the last five years however, has been experiencing cock worship as another way I can love and serve our Lord. I do this by serving each man as if I am in that moment serving Jesus. I visualize the same thing when masturbating. When I’m blessed enough to be kneeling between another man’s legs with his musty manhood at eye level, I whisper to myself, “This is the cock of Christ.” This willingness to suck the “staff of Life” in every man has become a beautiful way to worship Christ as Son of the Living God, in all his masculine glory. If a man happens to be circumcised like Jesus, it’s even easier “see” myself worshiping Christ. So whether I’m pleasuring myself alone or pleasuring other men, I am enabled to worship our Lord Jesus Christ- mind, body and spirit. For this journey of integration I am grateful.

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  1. Still in religious problems ? God made us with our drives , if considered that wrong , it was easy for him to make us otherwise ..sex is dirty .. well unfortunately sex is for the best ( pleasure conception love ) and for eliminating waste.. this is why we have been thought that is dirty .. God is watching us ? He is not alone other 10 k gods and spirits exist that might watch us when having sex .. i hope they enjoy the. Sight !
    Said that someone here is mentally disturbed mixing religion and sex of whatever kind .. but u need all sort of mental perversion to make the world .. some i do not agree but i am not a censor
    For the others

  2. I live in the USA and had a big crush on my priest. I do think there is alot of sex going on between priest. They are people and have urges as we all do. I am sure many have lovers on the side. Look how many in Ireland have secret children. My point is that they are just men like us. They do try to follow the rules , but they are human. Other religions allow there ministers to marry .Catholics need to let up some . My priest told me I should not be having sex, since I am not married. He also told me not to masturbate. This was last year. I am 64. He said when I get the urge just pray it away as he doe’s. I love God but I do not believe I will go to hell for this. Best Wishes

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