Mr. Cox, One of the most important things which happened in the last times, has been knowing about you. Always wanted to know if erotic male massage could be spiritual like souls making love… if pleasure could be enjoyed in a less instinctive way. Know I know it’s not a dream… you exist! 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many things with us through your website. It’s incredible. However, my dream will become someday truth when I meet you. I’d like to talk about so many things with you. Have you thought about having disciples? 🙂 somebody hungry of knowledge, willing to learn from zero that sex is not what most people think and make? I guess I can have an appointment with you, as an introductory session, just for asking things and let you diagnose all the expectation and “training” I could need in order to enjoy sex in this tantric way… I guess I’ll be able to do it… me and my partner… I just relocated from France. At the moment I have other priorities while I settle down, but I’m sure I’ll have the honor and pleasure to meet you and realize that what I always dreamt can be true: you exist! and as far as I know you’re the only one, the best one, unique. I recently subscribed to your mailing list, and I’m so pleased that you have new plans and projects. Perhaps I arrived late 🙁 unfortunately, I was not here years ago… but never is late for tantra sex, for a new perspective, for a full experience. Again, Seb, thanks for your work and dedication. Thanks for your website. Thanks for being you. A big hug and all my respect…


1 thought on “Spiritual HaPenis?

  1. I’d like to try an experiment, but need a guy willing to explore the fringes of the SpiritWorld.

    It would go something like this: I’m hotly attracted to military/rugger/workman guys. I’d like you to try contacting me as I sleep, thinking of me as you jack off. My name is Cris, and I love being of service. Well-built, good dick — but I’d like to service you as I sleep. Get fucked. Suck your dick. I’m in the US, in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT -8).

    My email is listed after my name. I know this is a shot in the dark, but lately, after looking through the army pics here, I’ve had the sense that I was connecting with a couple of guys on a spiritual/sexual level.

    Try to connect psychically. Then send me an email. Let’s see if we can fuck around a bit.

    Thanks, Cris.

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