His name was Terry, the thing was 12 inches for sure, thick, and a huge head. He would come to my room, and of course I had to suck it. I worked him for 20 minutes or so and he could cum a nice giser. One day he came over, and we began the same routine, when suddenly he flips me on to the bed, on my back, throws my legs up. Now I am a tall thin guy, and imagine the thoughts racing through my mind when I realized what I was about to get. Panic was not the word, but worse. I felt the head, at my anus, trying to struggle, Terry had me pinned well, there was no getting away, as his cocks head took me, I thought I was gonna split wide open. He said nothing, all I heard was hard breathing, as he slowly buried himself into me all the way to the hilt. My God, I thought sure he was going to rip me wide open. But then I thought of what a friend reciently told me. If something like this happens, then just relax, or you could get hurt bad. So, I just let go, wrapped my arms around Terry and let this big stud have his way. I might add he was so good looking, while he fucked my tender ass the look on his face was not lust, it was shear passion. I could look down his back side and watch as his beautiful strong ass, ground, and humped his hardness deep into me. I held on as his pace picked up, and all of a sudden, he whispered, ohhh, I’m cumming. I felt his hardness throb somewhere deep inside of me, it throbbed again as he spewed more Love Juice into my hole, and then one more time, I felt it jerk as he finished his orgasm. He lay on top of me for just a moment, got up, pulled his pants up, and walked out the door. He moved the next day, I never saw Terry again. Dice

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