Support Our Site. Online since 1996, the site is intended as a non judgemental celebration of the Art of HaPenis. In 1996 it was the first cock is sacred blog on the net. Since then the site has evolved into a random collection of HaPenis Art, thoughts, essays, writing, poems, and most importantly Pornography. Until the Pandemic It had been funded by every man who came for one of my tantric massages. Since then we have increased our unique daily visitors to over 10,000 a day. It’s costing us a small fortune to keep it online. We want the site to be funded entirely by our readers. We welcome your donations to help cover the cost of keeping it online. You can send a paypal donation to Please note that your statement will show as “the massage class“.

Scott , Thank you for your kind support


Always a privilege to support the site and the work you do. Hope to visit in 2022. Hapenis New Year Seb!


I like Your work! Ralph S.

Thank You Ralph for your generous support

Hi Seb, Thank you for offering such a great resource with the HaPenis project. I so enjoy reading through it and learning how to appreciate my own body. , thank you. Babas

Thank you Father Billy for your kind donation 8th June 21

Hey Seb: So happy to support you and the site. The few times we met you’ve been nothing but a gent and guru in my mind. Thank you for all you do for the community and world in your ever expanding universe of “Coxmen”

Michael G

Seb, I gotta Thank You for Everything, Bro. Have a coffee on me, first of many my Bro! Cheers from Canada. DF

Thank You DF You are a good man

(A Huge Thank You to John F. 19th Dec)

16 December 2020 : To Seb, with thanks from Ned

Thanks Ned, A big Hug 4 You!

A great site, keep it going. Patrick (Thank You Patrick, A big hug 4 u.

Hello Christian, Just a note to thank you for your generous support. I really appreciate that.

Hello PG, thank you for your kindness. Hope you find a new job soon. A huge hug for you.

A Massive thank you for your very generous deposit

Marlin, A huge thanks to Marlin in th USA for your support

Stanley, Your great website Is such delight I visit frequently And what I get Is sticky wet And dreams of what might be

Thank You for your support, Stanley

A big thank you from CUMM, Bruno

From James H. Thanks for your work toward normalizing caring shared male intimacy.

Th?a?nk ??‍♂️ou❗️, Seb, I owe you this & more for the love & truths of male embodiment & communion cumm. co. uk inseminates & disseminates. You are brilliant, kind & very wise: a treasure & gift. Th?a?nk ??‍♂️ou❗️

A Note From Bob,

Just put some money in for this site to stay up.
I think all its avid readers should too.
Too good to lose.
Its fucking brilliant

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  1. Always a privilege to support the site and the work you do. Hope to visit in 2022. Hapenis New Year Seb! MG

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