I’ve only had experience with my girlfriend so id love someone who knows what they are doing to get a hold of me. slowly rubbing my legs moving up my body then sensually caress my scrotum till my manhood is throbbing then move onto massaging the shaft and head and finally while your working my cock tease my tight anus sending me into full body orgasm. Source

At first. Delicate fingertips tracing shapes. Careful, curious fingers wrapping around girth. Gentle pressing into the muscles and sinew beneath the skin. Two hands working together. Firm strokes, exploring fingers, no boundaries, communication. Eye contact. Cupping palms around balls. Intimate. A variety of rhythm. Inner thighs massaged. Slapping head against thighs. Gently at first. Building speed and strength and pressure. Those exploring fingers up, in and deep, pressing into from behind. Prostate. Powerful dominant hands, allowing subservience to pleasure. Eventual release. Followed by stillness. Source

2 thoughts on “Subservience

  1. Slowly and sensually, gradually building up, taking the time to explore what I like, and how I like to be touched, not rushing but taking time to both enjoy it.

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