My fantasy is that every trucker that I pass or passes me on the motorway has his cock out and boning. I was told years ago by a trucker about ‘diesel dong’ that hardon you get bouncing up and down on your prostate all day long. Seems like a thing to me! I want to pick up a horny trucker, how is the best way to do this?


Yeah I think it’s definitely a thing! I know for a fact if I was bouncing up and down in my seat driving all day up and down on my cock and balls it would cause me to get rock hard! And anyway I’ve always thought when I see delivery drivers that if I was a delivery driver myself i would without a doubt be wanking and shooting my load all day in my van when I’m bored or just horny I’d love it just the thought gets me hard! My drivers seat would be cum stained thats for sure!


4 thoughts on “‘diesel dong’

  1. I have a few fantasies that I like to wank to that involve me being picked up by truckers while hitchhiking and I have to suck their cocks for the ride.

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