Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels…

A circle jerk is a sexual practice in which a group of men form a circle and masturbate themselves or each other. Circle jerks often feature a competitive element, with the “winner” being […]

Straight Man’s Multi Cocksucking Fantasy

I’m only temporarily curious every now and then, about once every couple of months for one night, but as a straight guy i have many sexual fantasies that include men, and sometime i […]

Yankee Wankee

Yankee Wankee, soggy biscuits and other ‘group sports’. Soggy biscuit is not just a yank wank it is practiced all over the world. The ritual involves a biscuit in the center of a small […]

3 Circle Adorabear-ish

Hi Seb, Can you let me know when the next three circles is taking place. Very interested. I live in Galway Ireland and have found the conscious path in the last few years. Not […]

amsterdam jacks

Yes Yes, jerking yourself and others. Yes kissing fondling nipple play NO NO ASS PLAY NO SUCKING NO FUCKING House Rules house rules entrance from 18 years use and trade of ghb & […]