His Majesty

With every breath the sound of love surrounds us, and we are bound for the depths of space, without distraction. Yet we are beyond all of that and more than angels. Out beyond […]

DadBod & Average?

Hi everyone, First I can’t thank you enough for this site. I like the stories, the pics & has helped me to enjoy my body but to know I am not alone & […]

Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos Rodríguez is a Mexican cartoonist and illustrator who focused on exploring male beauty, in a full celebration of hedonistic sexuality. Recently the artist was chosen by Vice magazine to illustrate its 2020 […]

A 77 Year Old Wanker

I love stroking my cock and massaging my balls as I do. I’m constantly fondling myself to keep my cock hard. At 70, it takes me longer to cum, which is a blessing. […]

Uncle Jock

In my younger days, an older guy in a locker room told me not many young guys filled a strap out like mine. It was the start of an affair that lasted months. […]

Hello Gods

Welcome to The Brotherhood of Pleasure. We have been redefining masculinity since the last century. We have created a space for men to come together to nourish ourselves into deeper spiritual connections of […]

Tantric Urinal

Tantra is not something you can learn from a book, because that would be a copy of someone else’s tantra. You are more likely to understand tantra standing erect at a urinal. Then […]

Nude Daddy Model Photo Shoots

Connect with your daddy model : Before the photo shoot begins spend some time getting to know your daddy model before he gets naked. Find out what his passons are, what really makes […]

Daddy Can Fix It

Daddy is by far the best Handyman in town. I have used many others in the past and Daddy not only does a superb job, he gets the job done right the first […]

Carpe Diem Bro.

The journey to self acceptance is a rocky road for older guys in the UK. Especially Scotland and the north. Took me decades of experience and exploration to activate management of my sexuality. […]

Brotherhood of Pleasure

I believe we can all learn from and support each other. I don’t have any brothers so don’t know what it is like to have a natural brother. However, i appreciate the bonds of […]