The Art of Fucking Yourself

The Art of Fucking Yourself ” from Taoist doctor of the seventh century, Li Tung-Hsuan Tzu. His 1600 year old Fucking Tips poetically described nine styles of fucking yourself tehniques, by varying the […]

Respect & Worship

Masculinity appears toxic to anyone who cannot embody it. It’s certainly not an inclusive ideal. And these days where inclusiveness is a mantra, and where everyone gets a medal just by showing up, […]

Manspreading By Adrian

Hello Adrian, Just a short note to thank you for scattering your art randomly on my site. I have been intriqued by every post. Your art in the woods, is the essence of […]

The Perfect Cock Selfie!

Here at the Hapenis project we have consulted with some of the world’s leading cock selfie artist to bring you the ultimate guide in how to take the perfect cock selfie. To take […]

Piss Artists

I’ve always had an interest in seeing guys pissing and anything to do with golden showers and water sports. I’ve no idea where this came from, but have experimented and played alone with […]

I Love Lee Asher!

Is there a man out there that would rather have a shirt on than not? I mean, if it’s not cold, what the fuck is it good for? I hate shirts, never wear […]

Sacred & Beautiful!

Men are sacred and beautiful! what a sad shame that we dont get the respect that is due to us. I am a bisexual guy and have always been turned on by the male body, […]

Joachim Baldauf

“Photography is not only a depiction of our reality. It is a poetical associative visual language. I decided to start working on male nudes a few years ago because I didn’t like most […]

Does God Answer Prayers?

The short answer to this question is, “Yes!” God has promised that He will give us what we ask for. (We just need to know the best time to ask him) (1 John […]

Mystical Communion

Getting older (early fifties) has not meant that the experience of sexuality, passion and desire has dissipated and petered out. On the contrary, advancing age has brought unexpected insights and surprises; new personal […]

I Love Men

I am Bi Sexual, I’d love to have a family & wife and kids one day. However I will always love men. It’s just something so attractive about them. The deep masculine voice, […]

Othul Xhosa

Hi, I am writing this from a very rural village in South Africa, I am really the only gay in this village. I am 31 years old, black, Xhosa. Tall, athletic build and […]

The Caretakers of our Masculinity

Welcome to the party A non. I ‘ve been getting serviced by talented brethren since I was 17 and I am now 60. So much cum extracted by hungry, eager mouths. And I […]


I find the art of HdeLux highly erotic. In fact it seems to connect directly to my cock. The artist’s hot couture of blokes nude are stunning. Thank you to Fabien for letting […]

The Men I Desire

It’s hard to say until I see and know and the right man with the right mind or penis can win me despite lacking the things I fantasize about in a man. But […]