I love the artist Cary Kwok. His art is a celebration of multi male ejaculation which he creates showing comics characters shooting their respective loads. Cary Kwok is a Hong Kong born London based artist best known for his fine detailed blue biro drawings.  Click any image to enter his cumm gallery. You can see more of his ejaculation art on his website.

Please support the artist. http://www.carykwok.com/

5 thoughts on “Ejaculation Art Cary Kwok

  1. This is the Priapic Invocation I recite when my cock enters another man. I surrounded it with erect penises ejaculating everywhere.

  2. Delightful renderings lovingly cunjoured up bi a hand well versed in cock. The men have faces purely enjoying the moment of splodging forth their jizz. That “little death” where time stops frozen in endless ecstasy pausing on the moment of climax. I love the perfection of the high detail blue pen penis in hand with the rest of the man fading into the background. And I want a spoff light shade and cock lamp stand for my night table. Beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to his work.
    I love his “Heroes” series with Popeye kummimg green spinach sperm and Tin Tin and snowy looked shocked as if it’s his first ever ejaculation. As for Santa with his hairy tummy out and sick in hand with a shocked elf looking over his shoulder…. love it. Shows the universal truth of sexual desire and the “secret” of our inner lives and daily bodily function

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