I created the Art of HaPenis to encourage a new concept in pornography, a new art genre, expressing the imaginative conceptual idea that you cant say HaPenis. without saying Penis. Artists, poets, musicians, dancer, rappers, writers, photographers and pornographers are invited to submit works for an online exhibition on the 22nd of August, an opportunity for both professional and amateurs. We warmly welcome all your submissions. Please dont expect anything posh. It will be just a few words of wisdom, some explicit picture and videos of hapenis and some music to hug your soul. HaPenis will eventually be an exhibition in the real world. You can submit work by email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk If you would like to attend the online exhibition accept the invitation below and I will send you the link on the night

For Inspiration : A Brief Guide To The NSFW History Of Penis Art

1 thought on “The Art of HaPenis

  1. I honestly want a place for such art. A phallic shrine, with a gym and a ring, gods and heroes as icons of manhood.

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