The fluteplayer puts breath into a flute,

and who makes the music?

Not the flute.

The Fluteplayer! 

I sucked my first cock today; I am nearly 50 and only had a few fumbles and my cock sucked a couple of times. But today I built the courage up and took the plunge. I got on my knees and went for it and gobbled my first cock. It was softer than I have imagined and thicker than I dreamed, but there it was in my mouth and i sucked on it and it felt good, it was a public place so I felt nervous, stood and and then be sucked me to completion. I have literally had a hard on all afternoon thinking about it and now masturbated twice since in the excitement. What will come next? Who knows…


2 thoughts on “The Fluteplayer

  1. Our darling Mr. Cox- I think this is the best cocksucking page on the HaPenis website. From the studly Fluteplayer at the top to the excellent Coxology at the bottom, I think this is one of your hottest!

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