hello! I discovered your site a few years ago, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Male Sexuality has always been very much a religion for me. Your site is like a temple to the Divine male flesh. You always put me in a very worshipful mood when I browse your photos of beautiful nude men. I’m curious if that was your intention, to create a temple of men. I’m in the process of developing a social media site for men who dedicate themselves to orally servicing men, kind of “Community Cocksucker” hangout. I would like to partner with you in some way. Whether vis reciprocal links or something else. I have an intuition that my Mission will resonate with you and yours. what do you think can we collaborate in some way to the benefit of ourselves and our communities? Much respect and appreciation from a cock loving brother from Florida.

“Brother Stormy”

The fluteplayer puts breath into a flute,

and who makes the music?

Not the flute.

The Fluteplayer! 

2 thoughts on ““Community Cocksucker”

  1. Our darling Mr. Cox- I think this is the best cocksucking page on the HaPenis website. From the studly Fluteplayer at the top to the excellent Coxology at the bottom, I think this is one of your hottest!

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