I love Cock with all my heart mind and soul. I worship Cock. The Bible says man is the glory of God and I believe a man’s Cock is the most glorious part of a man. Cock is the most beautiful thing God ever created. It is the image and glory of God and should be loved and worshiped with all your might, every minute of every day.

Eric Fardig

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4 thoughts on “The Glory of God

  1. I have worshiped cock since I can remember.I am such a well known cock sucker and I wouldn’t want to be known any other way.Keep those cocks cumming gentlemen

  2. A BIG Amen to that statement. Cocks are made to be worshiped in every way,shape and form.
    I honor cock with devotion and worship every day all day. My life revolves around cock. It’s
    on my mind 24/7 and as a nudist and exhibitionist people every day can see it through the
    look in my eyes. Honor and glorify the penis between your legs

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