The REALIZATION of homosexuality in recorded history is pretty fluid. It has often been muted and made illegal, only to be accepted and recognized as normal centuries later, back and forth for centuries. That doesn’t mean that the concept is illogical. Many people, like myself, are exclusively interested in the same sex. Others are exclusively interested in the opposite sex. So, even though bisexuality exists in various degrees, that doesn’t mean that we’re abnormal if we’re exclusive in your sexual interests. That said, I’ve also had a LOT of cock down my throat that’s attached to a guy who IDENTIFIES as straight. I don’t correct them, or consider them gay just because they let me get them off. They are what they identify as.


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  1. I am exclusively gay desiring only men. I am happy this way and would only want it this way. If other men like hetrosexuality great for them but as for me it has always been men only.

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