Roderick W. Marling dedicated his life to Yoga meditation and research in the area of expanding consciousness. If you’ve ever suspected that Cannabis was once considered a sacred plant and used in ritual settings, then you will definitely be interested in his research. The Cannabis Papers was written by Roderick W. Marling and is protected by copyright. However it is formatted so that you can easily download it for your own personal use. Give it to all those you feel might benefit, but for any other consideration please contact,

KamaKala Publications.

1 thought on “Sacramental Cannabis

  1. I only smoked twice for meditation .. i had it home grown .. the second time i made 1 joint with one leaf
    Smoked and meditate ….
    Had 4 hours trip
    I took a taxi to see a friend as i was scared to stay alone
    I had great thoughts and visions
    Back home i took my 3 plants and flushed trought the wc
    Never smoked a joint anymore since 1970

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