Masculinity has a core of clarity, which does not act from anger or greed. The virile center that listens within takes pleasure in obeying that truth. Nobility of spirit, the true spontaneous energy of your life, comes as you abandon other motives and move only when you feel the majesty that commands and is the delight of the self.

So What Does The Sacred Masculine Mean To You?

Masculine side of cock is shown as how hard your cock can become as a centre to male masculinity of perfection, all of those wanting masculinity shown in natural state as most erotic way to ejaculate through male cock imagery without stimulation but through meditation prayer and eye contact with cock on ejaculation, Wow.


Unexpected, overwhelming, forbidden, dominant, warm, heavy and sensual. Why O why do I feel so vulnerable? Why O why does it feel so natural and destined?


8 thoughts on “Sacred & Masculine

  1. I never knew true ecstasy until I fully embraced the deep masculinity that is in me, and then shared it with another man. When our bodies came together, our arms and legs wrapped around each other, our heartbeats synced, the fur on our bodies interlocked like the tangs on a zipper, our natural scents mingled, and our fluids mixed. Skin sliding against skin, outside against inside. Love met with kindness, and kindness met with passion, passion met with ecstacy, ecstacy met with… Love. Full circle, ever repeating all through the night. At each climax we lost our sense of self. I was him, he was me, we were… the ultimate masculine Being.

    The trope that men aren’t supposed to love each other is one of most sinister ever to have been visited on mankind. Loving each other, and interlocking with each other in ecststic bliss is very purpose.
    Yet somehow the duality between male and female has become the only acceptable norm. What happens when fire and water join? They fight each other in a violent struggle of heat and steam until only one is left, and the result is greatly diminished. Potential lost. Such is duality between masculine and feminine in this world. The passion is short and fleeting, …and the end result is mediocrity.

    What happens when you add fire to fire? You get higher flame. What happens when you add earth to earth? You get a mountain, unyielding. The power that comes from two singularities, two equal forces of the exact same kind is unmatched. It just becomes more, becomes greater.

    So love each other, my Brothers. As if your very lives depended on it.

  2. The Sacred Masculine to me comes in two realms to me. The physical and the mental, knotted together as a Yin and Yang of sorts. The Ancient Greek had a similar philosophy where a perfect body reflected a perfect mind or intellect – and this too was illustrated as a male figure.
    You are at your fullest masculine potential the closer these two match eaxh other. Safe to say, to achieve this is super human.

    The physical:
    The ultimate being that testosterone can build. Perfect musculature, ample body hair, fiercely passionate gaze, thick growing facial hair, deep voice, a musky natural scent, the most massive, vascular phallus that gets rock hard, huge balls producing amazing quantities of Seed of perfect consistency, pelvic musculature that shoots the Seed farther than any other man can.

    The mental:
    All his energy is focused on one singular purpose, and that it to be perfection. Men who come before him love him, worship him, beg for his guidence and leadership because it fills their lives with meaning. He is immensely kind and generous, with impecable judgment. He is the protector, the bread winner, the competition that always wins. His passion is infectious, and his drive is the inspiration in all men, and the envy in all women. He us the Golden One. He is a God.

    …And all words to describe Him fall utterly short.

  3. Unexpected, overwhelming, forbidden, dominant, warm, heavy and sensual. Why O why do I feel so vulnerable? Why O why does it feel so natural and destined?

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