You’re great, Seb, in that you’re promoting enjoyment free of fear! How do you feel about a man’s need for contact with male flesh? Same in the Shearing Sheds, mate. The backrub sessions after showers at night are always nude & finish with 69 or mutual masturbation. The married blokes are the hungriest for dick! They can’t get the laughing gear around the head fast enough. (I’m not complaining.) The Secret Life of Men used to be everywhere in Aussie. I reckon it needs to be encouraged & protected again. Get those doors locked at the footy club changerooms, the gyms, the lifesaving clubs, the army barracks & let the young blokes enter the Man’s world of cockfun! It’d be great to see you in Aussie, mate, & to hear what you have to say. Stay hard, suck often. The Team heads Bush in a few days, Seb & yarning about the erotic side of being male has really stirred them up. You’re obviously a bloke who knows his body & the bodies of other blokes. So your opinion matters; it’d certainly matter to us. The young bulls reckon that these are liberated times, but I’m not too sure. At the wrestling club, the young bulls often have the wood on me & I end up held down spreadeagled. One of the few places I reckon where young men can see that an old bull getting his nackers played with roars with laughter as much as they do, yells curses but can’t get enough of being hot dicked while 3 or 4 young blokes tease him & pumps his chest just before they watch him blow a top load. Where else do they see the real thing? I reckon with the unisexing etc of footy clubs, gyms etc, the Internet’s where they’re looking. We’ve just been scanning through some of my Yahoogroups. There’s some great stuff there, but I’ll take my 20’s at Findlays Gym in Melbourne in the 60’s. Mr. Australia at the time, ran it, a great bloke in his early 40’s. 2 sons who soon learnt that a bloke in the gym whose jockstrap bulge was too tight stripped it off and would be masturbating before he made it to the change room or sauna. That’s the way men accept each other! The young blokes all looked forward to being mature men.

At Findlays, one wall of the change room was fully mirrored. Bodybuilders of all ages stripped & practised their posing routines there. Peter always ran through a beauty in the sauna. His body was magnificent, athletic & not super bulked as the builders are today. There was always a roar of laughter when Peter hit the traditional pose of one knee bent, chest expanded & a hand clasping a wrist behind his back. He’d bounce his erection, wicked grin on his face, for about a minute. He was proud of his body,  proud to be a man & proud of being erotic! His physique posing routine really got the blood surging through our veins & XXXXx wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the masturbation session.  No waxing in those days. Bodybuilders were given a full body shave by Charlie on a table near the showers. Helped lather up many a body being prepared for a physique contest & had great fun with a soapy shaving brush on the head of a bodybuilder’s dick. They might’ve laughed but never complained. To whip the bush off easily, Charlie slackened the lad’s horn with his expert handjob. He’d been in the British Army for 10 years & got plenty of practice there. Seb, in those days there was plenty of Secret Mens’ Business! Where is it now? A few Shearing Teams like mine, a few Wrestling Clubs that still have M2M Sessions wrestled in the raw, but it’s pretty rare. The young blokes might say that everything’s now out in the open, but in some ways there was far more honest action between men of all ages etc etc than there is now. Georg Hackenschmidt, the great Russian Strongman & Wrestler, regularly gave private physique shows &/or wrestled in the raw for male audiences in Paris, London etc. They always ended in a sex show. He was proud of his body & unashamed of its erotic possibilities. The young bulls in my Shearing Team have seen my collection of Hackenschmidt  photographs & reckon they’d love to’ve been in the audience watching him masturbate. It’s not happening now except in the most restricted clubs such as the New York Bondage Club. Time for Men to strike a blow I reckon! I’ll never forget the world that Findlay’s Gym opened up for me.  Stay hard, Seb, James  be great to see you in Aussie, mate, & to hear what you have to say. James

2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Men

  1. James, I’d like to have a sweaty, hairy thrash with you mate, but I know you would win. Winning wasn’t what I wanted…..
    Seb, James has a massive thing going here, and I love it but why should Men’s Business be secret? Maybe that is why it has been dying out, whereas if we have unsecret men’s naked oil wrestling it is pretty clear what is happening. Initially I guess there will be the homophobe resistance to being seen there but after a while I reckon we will all be doing it. So much more masculine that going to the pub eh!!
    What are your thoughts Seb?

  2. This has to be one of my favourite posts. Glad you recycled it again. It’s the joy of being a man Among men. As I live in Melbourne I would love to meet James one day and shake his “hand”….

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