If I’m having sex with any sexy guys i collect their cumm in a condom and freeze it, when I’m alone and wanking I take them out and let them defrost, the smell of spunk is fantastic, I’ll even have a taste of each, shoot my load into one of them and then back in the freezer. First Vacation. I have this plastic mold for freezing pop sickles and i like to use it to make cumm sickles. If i can get enough of my friends over, we make a cum sickle for me to eat the next day. If there isn’t quite enough cum to make a cumm sickle, i add some of mine. But i like them best with just my friends cumm. It always gets me hard when i eat my cum sickle and i have to jack off.


Wow, this is so hot ,frozen cum. Thanks for sharing that. I had a steady boyfriend for 10 years. Younger hot sexy stud. When wife was away for s couple of weeks, he would drain his cum in me , sometimes 2 o3 times a day. When I was at work, he would cum to my house apartment and watch porn pr cat with some, before leaving for work, he would cum in a large spoon, place it in the freezer. When I came home from work, after cleaning up, I would get naked in bed, get all horny while sucking on that spoon and loving that taste of his cum, which would make me cum. Hotone

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