I’m loving the spring sunshine in Melbourne today and am lying bare-arsed in the back yard as I write. Had a swim at the local pool in the morning sun followed by a sauna and a good long shower flopping with the BSDs in the men’s changing room. Blokes unashamed of being nude together is a great feeling. Saw a couple of interesting man-scaping ideas and soapy dongs. Would have been ideal if one of them touched my dick. But oh well. Walked home commando leaving a wet patch on my shorts. Now I’m home and stripped bare, I’ll toast my butt then turn over and roast my nuts. Then finish with a good wank in the sun. Bob


8 thoughts on “toast my butt and roast my nutts

    1. Nice progress on your tan this last month. All the way up where the sun don’t shine.

  1. Great read mate and sexy pics. Yeah a nice Aussie spring to get out and roast your delicious nuts and butt etc…. Country vic bloke here wji enjots mych the szme in the bush. Good one!! Keep it UP!!

    1. Sallab00. Fuckin love to hear of a bushy up state in Vic rubbing one out on the farm. Would love to enjoy the country pleasures of the Victorian countryside in the nud, hot sun on my arse. Regards from Melbourne – stay hard

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