I’m straight, married, in my mid 40’s and I get blown by guys. The more I look around, the more common this seems to be, but even if not, fuck it. I was freaked out by it at first, and even a bit ashamed, but it’s super convenient, and my wife isn’t into sucking me off, so I’ve got a couple guys that I can hit up for a BJ whenever I want. The visual isn’t so great, but you get used to it, and they have no problem with me playing porn. Pretty clearly, guys who love to suck dick are totally all about providing the best experience, so whatever makes it work best for me is what they want. I think this is why shit like this goes on all the time but nobody ever talks about it. It’s totally hedonistic. It’s all about me and getting the kind of BJ I’m in the mood for, be it a five minute quickie, or a leisurely half hour or so of getting my brains sucked out. I probably get 4-5 BJs a month, but the great thing is, it’s all up to me. There’s no real relationship to worry about (though we are friendly), no drama, and if I’m not horny, I just don’t go. No one’s going to call me to ask where I’ve been or if I want to come around today. On the other hand, if I’m going through a horny phase, I could swing by every day and it would also be no big deal.

It’s just so straight forward! I don’t have to manscape, or bring flowers, I just have to take a seat and get blown. Oh, and do I have to point out that someone who really loves to suck dick tends to do it really well? My one guy is gay and he’s all about throat action, he likes to take it deep and massage it with this throat muscles. The other guy is bi and prefers to do some crazy shit with his tongue. Both not only swallow, but love doing it. Neither wants anything more from me and they don’t even try to get undressed. No drama, no commitment, no worrying about it being anything more than it actually is, just a blowjob. Again, this all took some getting used to, but where the fuck are you going to find a woman who’ll blow you whenever you want and with no hidden agenda? Honestly, it’s fucking great and I highly recommend it!

5 thoughts on “Totally Hedonistic

  1. A non
    We are all str8 even if u are a sperm eater or just want to be screwed up the ass like a hell
    It is the way u do it !
    It Can be done as a male do it , or as a pansy !

    the first is IMHO exciting as done with a str8 male that love to share sex with another male ,the second is according my point of view .. ugly and i avoid it !

  2. I had a glory hole in a public park nearby where i worked so when had an urgent need it was easy satisfied
    I used it for years , now is closed and anyway i am too old right now for that

  3. Welcome to the party A non. I ‘ve been getting serviced by talented brethren since I was 17 and I am now 60. So much cum extracted by hungry, eager mouths. And I don’t close my eyes or watch porn – I am in the moment. I feel the beard stubble on his chin scraping my taut balls as he deep throats me, I caress his cheek to feel my hard cock slide against the interior, I squeezed out beads of precum and feed it to him, or sometimes if I’m particularly smitten by his service, I’ll gloss his lips with that glistening slick and kiss him, stealing a taste of my own seed. These magnificent cocksuckers are natures gift to us married men whose wives have abandoned their sexuality and left us neglected. These men deserve our full attention and respect. They are our lifeline, the keepers of our well- being and the caretakers of our masculinity. Treat them with the honor they deserve.

  4. Yeah, I believe that pretty much all men innately want to suck cock, and that is why we’re better at it!
    Some of course have mental, societal, religious or cultural blocks that override that innate desire. Those that can self suck prove the theory and have the best of both worlds without the gay hang ups. If not, we seek each other and pretty much it’s not that gay historically, sometimes currently a dominant straight thing, “suck my fucking cock” but then don’t we all say that!
    It’s definitely a manly thing to share cocks, not only gay guys do it but all men can do it if you handle whatever hang ups might cum up. It is an amazing feeling just holding another man’s hard penis in your hand, so obviously much better sucking it as you lose your mind in imagining what you are doing, feels like.

  5. He is free to pop by here anytime! LOL

    Can you tell me what your social media hashtags are so I can properly credit you when I repost your photos? I can’t seem to find a way to reach out to you nor the Twitter hashtags.


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