Carefully, slowly, respectfully, accompanied with massage to other parts of my body, tenderly, cheekily, and also enjoy having my manhood massage or touched by another man’s manhood. So I like my manhood, stroked, pulled, twisted, caressed, tickled at the head, below the head, very light touches are also lovely, being licked is nice too. The only thing I don’t like is being sucked which to lots of guys will seem strange. Oh, and I also like to be in control of what is happening, i.e. to be able to say, slow down or stop for a minute etc


I like my manhood to be touched very softly but passionately. I want it to be surrounded by feelings of warmth as it’s cared for in a loving way. Then I want it to be listened to as it responds to touch and shows its pleasure. Source

I like my whole body to be seen as my Manhood, and therefore I can experience very heightened feelings of Kundalini throughout my whole body in an highly aroused and erotic way, extending well beyond ejaculation or just my cock. I want some open minded people to try things out with.


I think only a man can do a brilliant job in massaging another man’s private parts. Here is the way I prefer receiving a massage: starting from the pubic hair area and at the base of the penis, then gently moving to the balls and that tender area between them and the anus. Then, slowly moving up the penis (which will probably be hard at this point) and culminating at stroking the foreskin in an exquisite manner. Source


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1 thought on “Touching Me Softly

  1. Under bedclothes, secretly, hushed, all eyes closed. Finger tips tapping every millimetre. Slowly, firmly (sports changing rooms after the showers, other men talking about stroking their balls to get bigger orgasms. I was fascinated and too shy to say anything). At various speeds (hush, such things are not to be spoken about in public). Concentrate on one part, move to another (no one has ever asked me before). Explore other areas (explore the other areas – them come back).

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