My 1st serious gay relationship was with a short, brown-eyed handsome Scottish Trucker who was an amazing bottom and always on the horn… like me at that time, he wasn’t ‘out’ and married with kids. It’s a time I always remember with fondness and a boner !


My greatest fantasy is to hitch a hike with a trucker and repay him in kind. He would ask me to stirp while he drives, to wank for him. I might suck him as he drives. Then we may stop to go a little further. I love the idea of stroking a trucker’s boner while he’s driving his big lorry.


15 thoughts on “Truckers & Fuckers

  1. Best drive is naked with full Erected Penis. I like the feeling and i know many Truckers and Guys drive naked Erect. Feel you free on the Road

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