“Society is so hypocritical and limiting. The fact that one calls oneself “straight” or whatever doesn’t reveal anything about one’s true fantasies or desires. It’s not that people can truly know every aspect of your being by simply referring to limited concepts like a presumed sexual identity. “I am” this or that is therefore so simplistic, as if things are fixed and never change. It’s as if that one aspect defines your total state of existence.” Jake

It might be what pop culture implies about being gay. (bisexual don’t exist in pop culture.) While the stereotypes about gay men are largely done with, there’s still a belief in some essential difference. This is actually kinda funny to me. From puberty to college, I had a number of male sexual partners. Guys my own age. Athletes mostly. But no oral or anal, just a lot of circle jerks, hand jobs, and frot. Most of them are straight. A few are openly bi. Hell, if we didn’t get laid after a date (a.k.a. 99% of teenage dates), we’d relieve each other’s blue balls. Jon

2 thoughts on “Sexual Identity?

  1. This is astonishing to me. Around where I grew up all the young straight men would assiduously avoid anything that would be construed as gay except as a deliberate performance intended as a mocking insult to someone else, and even that with no physical contact. I really can’t imagine young men showing any kind of physical intimacy to each other at all.

  2. Hey Jake and Jon, thanks. I have always been attracted to str8 men, being at they ‘gayer’ end of sexual attraction, it is often viewed as a hopeless pursuit, unattainable. And yes I have found it difficult to find men that appear str8 to have sex with, and I don’t flounce or lisp or any other stereotype, I’m a dad. How do men in that zone, including myself, find each other without societal judgment? Or even just making the wrong move on a “totally str8″ dude that wants to punch you. Where I live a guy will be instantly insulted that you might think he could possibly be a little bit gay. Wish I’d gone to your school Jon, I think it would have conditioned me to see that most guys, probably, are open to at least wanking and frott. Frott is fucking intimate too, penises slabbed together as one and just the whole touching of man’s best bit, with yours…. speaks volumes.

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