It is a different experience than using my cock to wank or fuck but I love it. I love wanking with dildos, fruit and other toys, and also have had it done by women with strap-ons and using their fingers.  I also find that my arsehole gets wet and a fluid lubes whatever I’m using, and it  tastes not too different to cum or pre cum but is a thinner consistency.  The whole experience is great and makes me pant and writhe differently, and I can usually use my cock after to cum again, and without a feeling of having had sex and wanting to wait (although that doesn’t always happen when I’ve shagged a woman and can sometimes go again – depends how I feel I spose).  Perhaps if I find the right man I’ll be able to post another message telling you what that’s like and if it’s any different, until then I’ll carry on enjoying what I do.  In fact I think I might get the dildos out now. I love my prostate 


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