In a toilet in reading. – I met a man with a large uncut penis with a long wet foreskin, which he drew back. We put the the tips of our penis’s together and he slid his foreskin over my erect circumcised penis, it was heavenly he slowly slid his foreskin back and forth and wanked me off inside his foreskin it was the most fabulous experience of my life.


Hi  Tony, my name is Jon and I read your comments on Seb’s website. You were talking about your best wank-off, about meeting a man in a restroom in Reading. He had a large uncut cock, with a long wet foreskin. The thought of me doing this makes me tremble with excitement and this is something I want to do badly, since reading about your little adventure. I live in Houston Texas U.S.A., I’m 45 and all my life i’ve been STR8, though when I see a cock in a magazine,in a video or when seeing a man sucking a cock, I always get a little excited. Now while surfing the net I stumbled onto SEB’S site, and I am coming out of the closet and admitting that I want to love and suck on a nice big fat juicy cock. Over the years, I have met with gay men and only let them suck me off and then go home. I have also done alot of rubbing cock against cock and never thought of fucking a foreskin, which is now my #1 fantasy to accomplish. So, I now have a question for you, If my cock is 7 inches long, what size of a cock do I look for to do some foreskin slipping?…….Thnx….

3 thoughts on “Urinal Bromances

  1. Really late at night, one other car in the turnpike rest stop. I went in, stood at the urinal. Guy comes out of stall, looks over my shoulder, congratulates me on my cock size, watches me pee, then asks me if he should leave. I finish and turn around. He’s got his boner sticking straight out of his fly. Not as long as mine, but really thick, veiny. Mine is hanging limp, he comes forward, grins and pulls me by my jacket back into the stall. He sits down and I stand there. He reaches in and pulls my balls out. First time I ever let a total stranger give me head. He was maybe 20 years older than I, really knew what he was doing. At one point he stopped sucking and started rubbing my helmet with the palm of his hand, nearly driving me crazy. Then he finished me off – took every drop, jerking himself off on the floor between my spread legs.

  2. I’m in the park rest room sitting in an open stall, when this hot man in his sixties come and see me and unzips his pants and whips out his dick that fill his hand, and it is soft. walking toward me he is shaking it and it begins to grow. At that point my cock went hard, while he smiles and stood in front of me and slowly filled my mouth with his huge fat dick. At that point I was so hot , i could only service that growing dick felling it get bigger and hard. He took one step back and slapped me in the face with that huge piece of meat, and I shot my load. We continued to meet for a few years after that

  3. at the kc fair i hang out at a rest room go in the middle stall and wait not two min black dicks on each side i suck get uttfucked at once by closing time i kept count 55 black dicks 45 mex dicks my lips and throt are puffy red swoller i shit twice i keep my 3rd asssperm load in with a big buttplug also my 4thbelly full i want to digest toniteand tomaro the black guy driving me home makes me blow him all the way to my apt inside i get doggy he buttfucks my gaping spermfull manpussy

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