What Is A ‘Pornosexual?’ The New Sexual Orientation For Those Who Watch Porn, And Shun Real Sex.

According to Medical Daily, the new term describes a person whose ‘sexual orientation is linked solely to porn’. The site said the new term differs ‘from other sexual orientations because it’s a learned behaviour that is void of human-to-human attachment bonding and connection’. Amanda Pasciucco, a certified sex therapist, also told Medical Daily: Pornsexuals experience all of their sexual pleasure in isolation instead of shared.’ She made it clear, however, that this doesn’t mean that all people who watch porn are in fact pornosexuals. Amanda advises that porn shouldn’t be the only sexual outlet for a person, and advises using one’s own imagination as well.

A pornosexual describes somebody whose ‘sexual orientation is linked solely to porn’. It means that, given the choice, they would prefer to watch porn than to have sex with another individual. With the rise of popular porn websites like PornHub, people have been allowed to tailor what they watch to fit their personal sexual preferences. With just a quick click of a button, they can change a person’s hair, height, race, age – and even pick what sexual positions and moves they prefer. Porn allows people to avoid having awkward conversations about what they like and dislike in bed – or what they want their partner to do for them.

Thought Catalog written by self-declared pornosexual Marcus Jackson

Medical Daily cited a Thought Catalog written by self-declared pornosexual Marcus Jackson, who wrote: ‘If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.’ He says that porn taught him not to need anyone but himself and asked how anybody could want anybody else when they have porn so readily available to them. Marcus finished off his post by asking:

‘Love? Romance? Intimacy? Companionship? Connection? ‘
Why the fuck would I want any of that?’.

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  1. and porn is ready and available any time I’m horny… and I’m never rejected… and I know what I like.

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