The Art of Ejaculation

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020, 11:11 AM

129 almighty members Attending

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  1. Art Of Ejaculation
  2. Ultimate Ejaculation bi Lovedreamer
  3. Brother Leo – The Priapic Invocation
  4. Hans 1
  5. Hans 2
  6. Corona Extra
  7. Paul B
  9. Shaz – ‘Bandana Sequence (final frames)
  10. Just Face It –
  11. Steve – Poet and Singer/Songwriter
  12. JayX Muscle
  13. Bonsoir – Le Non Jazz
  14. Shoot Your Shot Tiger From Paul Tait
  15. Piotr – Tantric Bliss
  16. Jay Jacks
  17. Ejaculation Haiku – John Holder
  18. Ted’s Ejaculation
  19. Inspired by Aleister Crowley
  20. Previous Exhibitions
  21. Variations on a Theme By John

20 thoughts on “The Art Of Ejaculation 01/12/20

  1. Can’t get enough of cock and spunk i never go a day without at least 5 wanks i constantly wank. i cannot stop getting my cock out any where I can and spunking all over i love this site for being all over it i love it it’s my favourite place and my no1 favourite thing ….cock, wanking and spunk! Never get enough!

  2. So hot! Never get bored of wanking and spunking and never get bored of watching men wank and cum can’t get enough

  3. THE most amazing collection of cum shots I have ever seen.SO much wonderful spunk.
    Thank you all.

    1. Just found this website and really love it! At age 65, I have felt guilty my entire life about how “addicted” I’ve always been to my own dick! But it was so unnecessary to feel guilty! Our dicks are so amazing and wonderful!! Best to enjoy them as much as possible!

  4. very much enjoy watching men indulge in the art of self ejaculation, especially during the quarantine due to virus. just the look and feel makes one alive.

    1. I have never devoted so much time to masturbating my penis as I have during the pandemic. My husband has been working nearly full time and I have been alone in the house longer than I have in our 25 years together. Edging has been a wonderful ‘career’ to pursue.

      1. Matt.
        Iam in a similar situation to you and I have never spunked so much as I have in the last twelve months.
        Mr Cox doesn’t realise just how much cum I have shot thanks to him and the amazing stories and men on this magnificent website.
        Here I cum again 🤪

    2. William, It’s wonderful to share by watching masturbation. Without the internet, how would we stay sane and fulfilled! Keep the cock exercised!

  5. Thanks so much for forwarding me the exhibition. Absolutely fantastic! So
    much enjoyed it!! Will stay in touch.

  6. Hi, loved Art of Ejaculation exhibition, so thanks. Hope this becomes a real time event once it’s safe

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