The Art of Ejaculation

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020, 11:11 AM

129 almighty members Attending

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  1. Art Of Ejaculation
  2. Ultimate Ejaculation bi Lovedreamer
  3. Brother Leo – The Priapic Invocation
  4. Hans 1
  5. Hans 2
  6. Corona Extra
  7. Paul B
  9. Shaz – ‘Bandana Sequence (final frames)
  10. Just Face It –
  11. Steve – Poet and Singer/Songwriter
  12. JayX Muscle
  13. Bonsoir – Le Non Jazz
  14. Shoot Your Shot Tiger From Paul Tait
  15. Piotr – Tantric Bliss
  16. Jay Jacks
  17. Ejaculation Haiku – John Holder
  18. Ted’s Ejaculation
  19. Inspired by Aleister Crowley
  20. Previous Exhibitions
  21. Variations on a Theme By John

32 thoughts on “The Art Of Ejaculation 01/12/20

  1. Amazing cock and superb load you decorated that tray beautifully, now why can’t I find a load to swallow like that whilst being throat fucked.

  2. Beautiful cum shot! I ask my friends to edge a couple days before I suck them off so I can have a big load to swallow.

  3. I also am very happy I found this site. I am 78 and enjoy mastrubating and every day. I thought there was something wrong with me till I saw on this site but that other guys try different ways to mastrubate. I also have used an electric toothbrush to mastrubate. I also like using a vacuum cleaner. The vibration on my cock is a great feeling. The vac sucking my cock feels so good plus it helps with the clean up by vacuuming up my cum. Guys try it you will like it. Email me if anyone has any suggestions

    1. That’s so hot. I’d like to know who and what you masturbating over. I’m bi sexual so I wank over men and women. My favorite is smooth twinks.

      Cheers xxx

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