A few years back, I met a married man, like myself at the gym. It started with some healthy eyeballing on the gym floor and then mutual discreet bulge tugging to signal to each other that we appreciate what we saw. The shower scene sealed the deal. He took the stall opposite mine – no curtains in this New Jersey low brow gym and we both put on a good show by severely washing our respective, hard, cocks. Back in the locker room he moved his gear closer to me and when no one was looking, he snatched my sweat drenched black jockstrap and inhaled it deeply and tossed it in his bag. “ Give it back”, I snarled and he did, looking a little crestfallen. I took it, wrapped my towel around me and went into a bathroom stall. I cranked out a load as fast as I could and came in the pouch. I returned to the locker bench and tossed it in his lap. He took it, looked at it and saw my creamy load glistening in the pouch. He smiled, put the jock in his duffle finished dressing and left. When I finished dressing and went to the parking lot I saw him waiting for me. We exchanged names and mutual admiration and he said that he was going to jerk off in that jock and bring it back to me tomorrow. And thats how it started. We became workout buddies, like many other married guys at the gym, but each afternoon we alternated tossing an increasingly stiff and gamey jock into the other guy’s bag so he could take it home and shoot a load into it. When I had it, I would inhale deeply from this spunk rag and smell the musk of old cum and fresh cum, imagine my hairy and beefy buddy’s Italian cock and cum hard in this repository of man on man lust. We were both married and had no place to play. Our first time together didn’t happen for two months when we decided to go to a fuck motel, lust overpowering our embarrassment. I don’t know if I liked kissing him or mutual cocksucking better. We both decided that it was safe to eat each otherwise cum and we fucked around long enough for both of us to cum twice. This relationship lasted about 18 months, we only had actual sex 3 times during that affair, and it ended when he moved across the state. But we kept that jock going for several month, it was ultimately too rancid with crusty cum to be used for its pheromones. One afternoon i tossed it on top of the locker row, knowing it was there if I wanted it, but hoping someone else would find it and appreciate it

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